Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is APPI?
    • APPI stands for the Association of Professional Piano Instructors. The organization was founded by piano teachers to unite instructors together by providing resources for students and teachers to maximize their musical potential.

  • Where is APPI’s office located?

    • APPI does not yet have an office open to the public. For official correspondence, APPI’s official business address is:

      3655 Washburn Avenue North
      Minneapolis, MN 55412
      (612) 521-3739

  • When is the next APPI meeting?

    • All public APPI events to include open meetings may be found on the annual calendar of events. Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming deadlines and events so you can prepare yourself and your students. We’re going to have fun!

  • Where is the next APPI meeting?

    • Most regular APPI functions take place at Schmitt Music in Roseville, MN. APPI typically holds monthly member meetings here and some professional development classes for both instructors and students. Other APPI events take place over a wide range of locations, so be sure to check the Calendar of Events or get in touch with an "APPIcer" to double check times and locations.

  • What does it cost to be an APPI Member?
    • The cost for APPI Membership is $25, which includes a free APPI T-shirt. Members receive a packet of information and registration materials forall APPI events. Students of APPI members are eligible to participate in any APPI event or program. But remember, the cost to attend monthly meetings, living room sessions is still $0. Yep, that’s right! Completely free professional development and networking opportunities open to all piano instructors. APPI knows the hard work that independent piano instructors put into their studios in order to have the income that they do. We want to make using APPI and its resources as easy and affordable as possible.
  • What are the requirements to obtain membership in APPI? Do I need a certification or degree?
    • No. The only requirement is that you love music and want to share your passion by helping others to enjoy it the same by teaching them how to play. It doesn’t matter if you have been instructing piano for two months or for thirty years, we think APPI has something for you.

  • What do I get from APPI?
    • APPI helps professional piano instructors become better at what they love to do – instructing piano. APPI does this through round-table discussions, theory and history classes for teachers and students, performance opportunities, information on studio growth, networking with other instructors, tax information for the self-employed, and much more!

  • How do I contact APPI?
    • Feel free to get in touch with any of APPI's Officers ("APPIcers") for any questions that you may have regarding APPI. If they are unable to answer you questions immediately, they will be able to research the answer for you or direct you towards an APPIcer who is more qualified. Also, feel free to show up at one of the monthly meetings for a chance to speak with other APPI members and officers.

  • How can I help APPI?
    • Any donations of time, money and support are greatly appreciated. For more information on how to help APPI succeed, please see our "Wish List", call (612) 521-3739 or email


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